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Financial Planning & Investment Management Services

Hoover Financial Advisors is a wealth management firm with an expertise in financial planning and investment management.

Financial Planning:
Objective planning advice can address the following issues:

  • General Planning
    Net worth statement; Cash flow analysis; Objective review of work benefits (stock options, pensions, insurance, etc.) and all personal life and disability insurance policies.
  • Family Planning
    College and private school planning; Planning for weddings and other personal family goals; Planning for elderly family members, disability and divorce.
  • Retirement Planning
    Retirement needs modeling for selected retirement ages and rates of return; Restructuring of assets to support retirement needs; IRA minimum required distribution (MRD) tax planning; Education on Medicare, Medicaid and long term care.
  • Business Owner & Executive Planning
    Business succession planning; Executive compensation planning, such as stock option review; Coordination of business valuation (conducted by third party firm); Buy-Sell agreement review; Employee benefits review.
  • Investment Planning
    Review of all current investments and their benchmarked results against their peers; Review of your asset allocation; Education on your choices for investment types, account options and their costs.
  • Estate Planning
    Will and trust design strategies; Property ownership alternatives; Estate tax reduction techniques; Qualified plan distribution; Family gifting strategies; Charitable planning; Inherited IRA tax planning.

Investment Management: We believe in providing you with education on your choices. We manage investments greater than $750,000 on a fee-only basis so that we have total flexibility in the market place to help our clients and make customized changes as needed in your portfolio.

Fidelity provides custodial services to our clients.

For families, we will combine assets for parents, siblings and children for the purpose of investment fee calculations. This reduces fees for the entire family. For families where we manage more than $1 million in investments, we are happy to provide financial planning advice at no charge to children of all ages.