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About Hoover Financial Advisors

In early 2001, Liz Hoover took her vision of turning 16 years of experience as a CPA in public accounting and corporate management into a highly personalized financial planning and investment management practice in Indianapolis, IN. She wanted to build close and trusted relationships with families and small business owners seeking financial planning and investment management advice. Those relationships generally start with financial planning advice. This objective planning allows us to fully understand our client's personal and financial goals and objectives so we can help them map a plan of how to get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

Once planning is complete, we are happy to provide investment management advice and we will work with any of our client's existing advisors to ensure their plan is implemented. Those advisors may include estate planning attorneys, insurance professionals or their CPA. Investment management is provided on a fee basis for investment portfolios beginning at $500,000.



Our Difference

Hoover Financial Advisors continues to differentiate our practice by our policy of providing substantial and on-going financial planning advice to our investment clients.

• Research & Knowledge
We continually research how financial service products work so that we understand their hidden costs, their issues and their value. Our clients trust our work and advice and can tell we are working objectively, in their best interest, at all times.

• Quality of Financial Plan Design Work
Our planning is customized for each client and includes exacting attention to detail. This is the area where we have built our reputation for very high quality work.

• Communication Skills
We have built close, trusting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to make complex subjects simple for clients and ensure they understand their choices and the solutions we may recommend.

• Fees
Our fees are extremely competitive for the high quality services we offer. We offer great flexibility and choice as we work together to determine how we might best help a new client with our services.

For families, we will combine assets for parents, siblings and children for the purpose of investment fee calculations. This reduces fees for the entire family. For families where we manage more than $1 million in investments, we are happy to provide financial planning advice at no charge to children of all ages.

  • Professional Expertise
Liz is a CPA with 32 years of public accounting, corporate management and financial planning experience. Our technical knowledge and expertise allows us to work confidently with any complex issues our clients may bring to the table.


Understanding Our Structure

We are a Registered Investment Advisor:

Hoover Financial Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As an RIA we are registered with the state of Indiana and the SEC so that we may offer investment advisory services to our clients. As an RIA we have a fiduciary duty to put our client’s best interests first. This is a very important tenant for our practice.

Our Broker Dealer:

We offer securities to clients through our registered broker dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (CIR). CIR is a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., and Hoover Financial Advisors are not affiliated. We independently select our broker dealer and we are proud to work with CIR. They are based in Iowa and have built their business by catering to advisors who support fee based independent practices.

Form ADV:

Advisors use Form ADV to register as an investment advisor with the SEC. We are required by law to provide Part II to our new clients and to make it available to all of our clients annually.

Form ADV has two parts. Part 1 contains information about an advisor’s education, business and disciplinary history for the last ten years. Part 1 is filed electronically with the SEC. Part II has information on an advisor’s services, fees and investment strategies.

You can find a copy of the Hoover Financial Advisors Form ADV (Part 1 only at this time) on the SEC’s Investment Advisor Public Disclosure (IAPD) website. Click here for a copy of Part II of Form ADV.